I am a Book Fairs customer - how can We Are Writers work for me?

If you are a Scholastic Book Fairs customer, you can create a We Are Writers book to sell at your next Book Fair. You will earn 60% back in Scholastic Rewards on your total takings at the Book Fair – children’s books and We Are Writers books combined.

A We Are Writers book can add a real buzz to your Fair – and displaying your We Are Writers book will also help increase the number of people who attend and order a copy.

As a Fairs customer, you will need to carry out the actions below:

  1. Before you start, make sure you have a Fair booked that is at least 10 weeks away.
  2. When you set up your book, select the date of your Fair as the sample delivery date.
  3. Order your final books before you complete your online Cash Report Form to ensure that you earn the correct amount of Scholastic Rewards.

If you would like more information on how We Are Writers can work with a Scholastic Book Fair, call the Book Fairs team on 0800 212 281.